On behalf of the Municipality of Slovenske Konjice, the Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS is managed by the public institution Splošna knjižnica Slovenske Konjice (unit of TIC Slovenske Konjice), Mestni trg 4, 3210 Slovenske Konjice.

 Area of application

1. The General Terms and Conditions apply to all products and services offered by the accommodation part of Trebnik Manor under the name Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS.

2. In case that Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS changes their General Terms and Conditions before the expiration of the valid contract, the updated version will be included in the contract or updated on the website www.dvorectrebnik.si.

Contract (reservation)

1. The contract, hereinafter also referred to as the reservation, enters into force at the guest’s request after written confirmation by Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS.

2. If the reservation for the guest is made by a third party, the third party, as well as the guest, becomes a contracting party and constitutes a joint debtor.

Services, prices, payments and billing

1. Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS is obliged to offer its guests the services it provides as an accommodation facility with rooms.

2. The guest is obliged to pay to the accommodation facility the agreed price for the basic and additional services. This also applies to services and costs of services incurred by a third party.

3. If Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS, because of a justifiable reason withdraws a service, the guest has no right to claim damages.

4. The agreed prices include the valid legal VAT in Slovenia. If the VAT rate used for the contracted services changes after the conclusion of the contract, the prices will be adjusted accordingly.

5. Charges to Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS must be paid immediately when the invoice is issued, without any deduction, unless other payment terms have been explicitly agreed. Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS is justified to recover debts and claims for immediate services’ payment. If payment is not made within the time limit, Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS has a right to claim interest on late payments at the rate of 10% of the basic price for legal persons and 5% for natural persons. Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS has the right to prove major damage, if it occurs.

 6. Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS has the right to claim an adequate prepayment or security deposit in the form of a guarantee by the guest’s credit card or by a prepayment on the bank account.

7. Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS has further the right to claim from the guest an appropriate prepayment or security deposit at the beginning or during the guest’s stay, if the prepayment or security deposit has not yet been paid in accordance with the above provisions.

Room availability, arrival and departure, parking spaces

1. The guest has no right to request the availability of a specific room, unless the availability of a specific room has been confirmed in writing by Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS.

2. Reserved rooms are available from 14:00 on the day of arrival. The guest cannot demand that the room is available before then. Guests arriving before 14:00 can take over the room as soon as possible, according to availability.

3. Available rooms must be claimed by 22:00 on the day of arrival. After this time, Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS can make rooms available to others, unless the guest informs in advance and in writing about a later arrival. Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS has the right to claim a guarantee for later arrivals.

4. On the agreed departure day, guest must leave the room no later than 10:00. After this time, Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS may charge 50% of the agreed room price for additional room use until 18.00 and 100% after 18.00. Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS reserves the right to claim compensation for damages.

5. By prior arrangement, it is possible to get a room earlier on the day of arrival (early check-in) or left it later on the day of departure (late check-out).

6. Parking spaces are free of charge for guests of Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS. They are located in the immediate vicinity of the accommodation. There is a limited number of parking spaces available – reservation is not possible. Generally, there are always enough empty parking spaces. Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS is not responsible or liable for any damage, caused to cars in the parking area.

House Rules

1. To make your stay as pleasant as possible, ‘Tranquillity Commitment’ applies to guest rooms and common areas of Trebnik Manor. A night-time quiet is required from 22:00 to 06:00. If other guests reasonably complain about too much noise, the noisy company will have to leave immediately and without refund. People not registered are not allowed to stay overnight.

2. Pets are not allowed in the building.

3. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of Trebnik Manor. In case of non-compliance with the relevant legislation of the Republic of Slovenia, we will be obliged to take action. In case of smoking in a non-smoking room, we will have to charge for general room cleaning and related damages.

4. Please do not damage or remove room inventory. Guests are liable for damage caused by their own fault or the fault of those for whom they are responsible and those who visit them.

5. In case of a violation of the house rules, measures of a prohibition of entry, removal from the building and compensation for caused damages will be taken. More detailed information about accommodation functioning can be found in the handbook in the rooms of Dvorec Trebnik, for further information contact the staff, who will happily advise you. By confirming your reservation, it is understood that you are aware of the house rules and that you will respect them.  

Guest cancellation

1. The cancellation of the accommodation contract by the guest requires written consent in advance. Without the consent of Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS, the guest is obliged to pay 100% of the contractual agreed price for the accommodation.

2. If a cancellation period without charge has been agreed between Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS and the guest, the guest may cancel the contract up to this point without requiring payment or compensation for damages from Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS.

Cancellation by Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS

1. If it has been agreed that the guest may within a certain period withdraw from the contract without incurring any costs, Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS is also entitled to withdraw from the contract within that period.

2. If the agreed advance payment or the advance payment under the General Terms and Conditions is not paid within the agreed period, Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS is entitled to cancel the contract. Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS can also claim compensation for damages from the guest.

3. Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS is entitled to cancel the contract with immediate effect if:


Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS takes no liability and responsibility for potential injuries of guests on the property or in the building itself, such as when using the staircase.

Dvorec Trebnik – ROOMS,

December 2020, Slovenske Konjice, Slovenia