About the manor


The history of the Manor

The history of the manor dates back to the 14th century, more precisely to the year 1308, when there’s the first mentioning of »Trebnikke« in the historical documents. As a manor, built under the old castle of Slovenske Konjice, was mentioned almost 60 years later. The appearance, that we can admire today, dates to the 16th century.

Historical events influenced the manor and its owners. The most important ones were aristocratic family Windischgrӓtz, who were using the manor as a summer residence. They putted a great effort to the surroundings, especially to the garden and park, which retained their design until today.


The accommodation is situated in Tourist destination Rogla – Pohorje, which attracts guests and tourist from all around the world with its slogan: Explore, Feel, Enjoy. To mention a few sites, that are popular among our guests: Žiče Charterhouse with a visit to the Zlati grič wine cellar, Terme Zreče Spa, Rogla Ski resort, Treetop Walk Pohorje, Center Noordung in Vitanje and Oplotnica Mansion. The area offers a lot of opportunity for cycling, hiking, several activities for children and families and a diverse cultural program. In vicinity of the manor is an outdoor exercise park.


The staff, working in the accommodation, are locals, who are happy to give you information and recommendations on, how to explore, feel and enjoy Tourist destination Rogla – Pohorje. They will listen to your wishes and try to make your stay unforgettable. On your request they can organize trips and guided experiences, they can advise you about renting a bike, an e-bike, Nordic walking poles, an electrical car, they can advise, where to have a good meal, where to find an unforgettable view, even where to recharge your batteries and find other services, which you may need. While you are reading this, they are already excited to meet and welcome you in The Trebnik Manor, one of the unique monuments of the history of Slovenske Konjice.