The Trebnik Manor has eight bright and comfortable rooms with modern interior. For better comfort we have equipped them with a flat-screen TV, an electric water kettle and tea/coffee making kit. In all three rooms there is a free wireless Internet.

In the Municipality of Slovenske Konjice we are following the guidelines of Zero Waste and commitment of municipality without plastic. For that reason we’ve decided not to use single-use packaging in the rooms. We provide you with nicely designed dispensers for liquid soap, shower gel and shampoo.

The Municipality of Slovenske Konjice is also disabled-friendly. The accommodation of The Trebnik Manor has been devised in this way, so all the rooms are accessible by wheelchairs. The rooms and bathrooms are dimensionally and functionally accessible to the needs of the disabled.

But alongside the functionality of the rooms, we didn’t forget about the art. Each of the room is equipped with an artistic painting and a choice verse of poetry, made by the hands of known and lesser-known local artists. The rooms are named after the local sights. The view from each room is a special artistic experience in itself, below the manor you can find the charming town park with hundred years old trees, a pond with a small island, a murmuring brook and a children’s playground.


a label committed to responsible, safe and green tourism

certificate of The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism

certificate of Green Key Slovenia

All the rooms are located in the attic appartement of the first floor and comprises of:


View on the park

Bathroom with shower


  • Heating
  • Free toiletries (liquid soap, shower gel and shampoo, toilet paper etc.)
  • Private bathroom and toilet
  • Hair dryer
  • Electric water kettle
  • Tea and coffee making kit
  • Towels
  • Bed linen
  • Wardrobe
  • Writing desk and chair
  • The Trebnik Manor Brochure
  • Rogla-Pohorje: Explore, Feel, Enjoy Tourist Guide
  • Non-smoking room

There are three types of rooms available.


With a double bed and extendible sofa

Zlati Grič 2+2, 40 m2
Konjiški potoček 2+2, 30 m2


With double bed

Stari grad 2+0, 30 m2
Gastuž 2+0
, 25 m2



With two single beds and extendible sofa

Žička kartuzija 2+2, 30 m2
Stari trg 2+2, 30 m2
Škalce 2+2, 30 m2
Konjiški zmaj 2+2, 30 m2

Traveller Review Awards 2021
Browse the rooms:

Zlati Grič

DELUXE 2+2, 40 m2

Konjiški potoček

DELUXE 2+2, 30 m2

Stari grad

STANDARD 2+0, 30 m2


STANDARD 2+0, 25 m2

Žička kartuzija

TWIN PLUS 2+2, 30 m2

Stari trg

TWIN PLUS 2+2, 30 m2


TWIN PLUS 2+2, 30 m2

Konjiški zmaj

TWIN PLUS 2+2, 30 m2